Conference Inter Organic - 2017

International practical conference "Inter Organic - 2017" –  is a unique event of the year, which will join the most active players of the Russian organic market, authorities of all governmental levels and international experts. During direct negotiations participants will jointly develop strategy of organic market development for 2018 year taking into account existing situation in the industry. In the frame of the conference will be proposed decisions and usable tools as for producers of organic products, including small farmers, as for retailers and other "organic" brand sales sources, including export potential, where variety of goods, sufficient volumes of products and gap of supply seasonality are the key performance factors of success. Conference is foсused on owners and heads of the companies.    

Host of the Conference

ioa The Institute has more than 7 years of scientific researches in organic technology and practical implementation of these technologies on the fields in different regions of Russia. The Institute as well has practical experience in supply of organic products to retailers and preliminary work in export of organic products.

With the support of

Topics and aims of the Conference

Organic standards

Will form joint understanding by all maket players of organic standards. 

Development tools

Will jointly develop model and tools for organic market development taking into account current situation in the industry. 

From field to counter

Will combine requirements of the market with capability of producers, including small farmers.

World experience

Will get acquainted with international experience of organic market functioning from field to counter. 

Digital currency and blockchain

Will introduce capabilities of blockchain technology for organic market and digital currency for financing of organic projects.  

Governmental support

Will determine potential forms of governmental support and interactions.

Conference will join the most active players of the market

  • Agricultural producers:
  • big
  • middle
  • small
  • Processing enterprises
  • Retailers
  • Traiders
  • Restaurants
  • Schools, childcare centers
  • Certification
  • Industrial Unions
  • Production technology 
  • Education and science
  • Logistic and warehouse 
  • Ministry of agriculture
  • Rosselkhoznadzor
  • Regional administrations
  • Federation Council

Will present Russian organic market in two ways

CATALOGUE «Organic market of Russia - 2017»

Will form full catalogue of Russian organic market players, inclduing information about activities of companies, production volumes, certifications data and contact details. 


Will present counter of local products grown according to organic technology.

Invited speakers

Ivan Garaev
"Institute of organic agriculture"
Alexey Alexeenko
Amiran Zanilov
Head of innovation transfer department
FSBEU APE Federal center for consulting in agriculture
Oleg Mironenko
Executive Director
"National organic union"
Косогор Сергей Николаевич
Sergey Kosogor
Executive Director
Kuban Agroindustrial Union
Ivan Novichikhin
First ecofarm of Kuban
Oleg Valenchuk
Chairman "Union of horticulturists of Russia"
Member of State Duma
Anatoliy Nakaryakov
Executive Director
LLC "Savinskaya Niva"
Rustam Davletbaev
Block chain and digital currency expert
европейская сертификационная компания
Konstantia Nalmpanti
General Manager
A Cert European Organization for Certification S.A., Greece
Natalia Porechina
Expert for sustainable development
Center for ecological decisions, Belarus
Gerald A. Herrmann
Director "Organic Services GmbH"
Past President of IFOAM Organics International
Pavel Abramov
General Director
LLC "Cherniy Khleb"
Andrey Lusenkov
General Director
"Organic expert"
Andrey Korobka
Deputy Governor of Krasnodar region
Minister of agriculture of Krasnodar region


Registration of participants
Open space "Factors influence on development of organic market and implementation of organic technology in different regions of Russia"


  • Atepalikhina Elena - business trainer, consultant,
  • Garaev Ivan – general director, Institute of organic agriculture 


  • how to build vertical chain from field to counter (requirements of retailers for goods variety, its volumes and supply conditions);
  • how to obtain quality of organic products, control of organic standards and safety compliance;
  • how to form confidence of final consumers to "organic" brands;
  • production and processing of organic products;
  • logistic infastructure and warehousing of organic products, as a tool of gap of supply seasonality;
  • export potential of organic industry.

Bon appetit.

Section "Standard of organic production and requirements for organic products"


  • Mironenko Oleg - Executive director, "National organic union",
  • Alexeenko Alexey - Advisor, Rosselkhoznadzor,
  • Sorokoumov Sergey – Advisor of Minister of agriculture of RF, head of working group for development of national law in the field of organic production,
  • Konstantia Nalmpanti - General manager, A CERT European Organization for Certification S.A.
  • Gerald Gerrmann - past president of IFOAM - Organic International, director "Organic Services GmbH". 


  • form joint understanding of organic standards and organic products; 
  • what is organic production in Russia and globe;
  • issues of implementation of standard and law for organic agriculture;
  • difference of Russian standard from European one;
  • use of European standard in Russia;
  • integration of Russian standard in organic world market.
Coffee break
Section "Production technology of organic products, main criteria and requirements"


  • Zanilov Amiran - Head of Innovation department of Federal University of Agricultural Consulting of Ministry of agriculture of Russia,
  • Nakaryakov Anatoliy - Executive director, LLC "Savinskaya Niva",
  • Natalia Porechina– expert for sustainable management, "Center of ecological decisions" (Belarus),
  • Ismailov Vladimir – Deputy director for science and innovation, All-Russian Scientific Research Institute for biological protection of plants, 
  • Gerald Gerrmann - past president of IFOAM - Organic International, director "Organic Services GmbH". 


  • technological process of organic production and its scientific background; 
  • training and consulting support as warranty of successful implementation of organic production technology;
  • development of scientific approach in organic production;
  • use of biological fertilizers and biological products made in Russia and its certification;
  • organic seeds.
Informal meeting near the fireplace

Topic of the evening: presentation of program Organic 3.0. - development of  world organic market until 2025 year, results of International Congress in India (Mironenko Oleg, Executive director, National organic union) 


Why the Conference will take place in Psebay?

  1. Center for organic agriculture will be established here.
  2. Large scale project of ecologization and development of the territory - "Bridges to future", which includes development of organic agriculture, will be realized here.
  3. Several organic projects will start this year, including apple garden "Shedok", which participants can see by their own eyes. 
  4. If you have several extra days available - you should stay in this heaven place as a holiday. Partner of the Conference - Eco retreat center "Berezki" offers unique touristic and health programs. 
  5. It is just incredibly beautiful! 

Conditions for participation

Applications for participation in the Conference Inter Organic - 2017 are accepted before 22 November 2017. Number of participants is limited! 

Host can assist you in booking of tickets to Krasnodar and help with logistic issues.  

We recommend to purchase tickets to Krasnodar beforehead. The approximate price for airticket economy class Moscow-Kransodar-Moscow starts from 3000 rub. (Utair) up to 7350 rub. (Aeroflot) if purchased several weeks before flight. 

To get additional information plelase contact us: +7-916-425-60-83 or 

  • participation in the conference
  • hand-out
  • catalogue "Organic market of Russia - 2017"
  • organic bascet
  • informal evening events
15000 rub.
Extra payments
  • logging (3 nights, Retreat center "Berezki")
  • full board (vegeterian) 
  • transfer (from/to Krasnodar) 
10 000 rub

You can also take advantages of sponsorship, which includes free tickets for participation of this event and extra bonuses. Detailed information is below. 

Advantages of sponsorship

Score an advantages in promotion, awareness, PR and advertising of your company on Russian and international organic market within all chain from field to counter, by taking sponsorship of Conference Inter Organic – 2017.

Sponsorship rates
from 5000 to 500000 rub

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